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The Costs

When it comes to costs, transparency is important to me. That is why I would like to inform you below about my pricing:

Sound advice - the first step to success.

Firstly, I would like to inform you about the financial costs of an initial, advisory consultation.

Before an appointment is scheduled, I shall determine via initial assessment if an official consultation, for any reason, should not be expedient to you and inform you adequately, free of charge. In most cases, it is unfortunately not possible to provide error-free, legally sound information within the framework of a short telephone call or e-mail, therefore a detailed consultation would be necessary. This consultation usually takes approximately 45-60 minutes and allows the thorough examination of all facts and underlying documents – information that is indispensable in employment law.

Typically an amount of EUR 190.00 (incl. VAT) is charged for a first consultation. A written consultation causes fees of EUR 250,00. This amount must be transferred prior to the consultation date. If you have legal protection insurance, I will settle the consultation costs with your legal insurance provider, assuming there is no excess in your insurance contract. All I require to do so is your insurance policy number and the provider of your legal protection insurance. From there, you are worry free!

If you can not afford the fee for the first consultation, please read below in the section advice and legal aid, what your options are in that case, or feel free to ask us about them on the phone.

In the detailed consultation I will explain to you the prospects of success, and the best course of action — always taking into account your economic interests. Any subsequent costs related to the decided course of action will also be discussed in the meeting. No surprises!

The Way Forward

As I solely represent workers and their representative bodies, I only charge my clients the statutory fees outlined by the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG). In exceptional cases only, when the RVG does not stipulate any requirements, a remuneration agreement may be considered. Even upon the creation of a remuneration agreement, you can rest assured there will be no unexpected bills — a provision is always included that stipulates the upper limit. Furthermore, if there is a recognised case of legal protection, the legal protection insurers will cover the costs of my additional work.


If you are a self-payer and do not have the sufficient funds for legal costs, you may always enquire about the possibility of paying in instalments. In my experience, a solution can always be found. In cases that are handled outside of court, a reduced fee may be possible. Court fees, however, are fixed by law and are regulated by the RVG.

It is important to point out, that, for competition reasons, lawyers are forbidden to offer legal services beyond the initial advisory consultation, free of charge.


The legal costs in collective labour law arising from the legal consultation and representation of committees are usually borne by the employer. In certain cases, it is necessary to obtain a declaration from the employer, that they are willing to bear the costs in advance. Please observe the regulations that apply to you in each case. If you have any questions regarding the preparation of our work together, I am happy to address them via consultation.

Advice and Legal Aid

In the unfortunate event you are experiencing financial hardship and have little or no income, you can apply for legal aid (Beratungshilfe) at the court that has jurisdiction over you (Amtsgericht), to assist with the legal costs. Once granted, you can make an appointment via phone and pay only EUR 15.00.

Legal aid is also intended to cover the costs of legal proceedings should you not be otherwise able to afford to pursue your rights. In this case, please bring the complete documentation for the legal aid application to your consultation or appointment, and we will construct a corresponding application on your behalf. Please note, this option is not available if you have legal protection insurance. If legal aid is refused, you will incur the lawyer’s fees personally if the conditions are not met or you do not cooperate.