Rechtsanwältin, Fachanwältin für Arbeitsrecht
Friedelstraße 56, 12047 Berlin Neukölln
+49 30 98436062

The Office

THUM Law Office emerged from the idea that being right can be fun, and visiting a lawyer can be a pleasant, enjoyable experience. No snooty, greasy lawyers who love the sound of their own voice. No intimidating filing cabinets or heavy bookshelves. No ties, no suits. Simply, eye-catching furnishings accompanied by a warm, friendly, service conscious atmosphere brimming with empathy and experience. The THUM concept has grown slowly over time — it has been nurtured for, it has been cared for — and in April, 2020 it came to fruition in our beautiful Neukölln office space, housed within a classic Berlin Jugendstil shop front. Politically and ecologically aware, THUM combines intellect with style, charm and a healthy dose of feminism.

Levity and humour are also very important to us. Even though you may unfortunately turn to us in a time of need, we strive to make your experience at THUM as buoyant and positive as possible — warmly accompanying you from the very first phone call, to the final hand shake. And hey, you may just even laugh a little along the way!